Iconic Anecdotes

Icon of the Day – Style-o-Rama – Impressionism

OK, I lied. Another raster graphic.

I’m almost done with this series!



Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – My Eyes are Playing Tricks

My Eyes are Playing Tricks...

I have been on the computer all day. My hands are tired. My neck is tired. My eyes are tired. This is what everything starts to look like after staring at a computer screen all day. Yeah, I am supposed to stare away. It still happens. Maybe its age. It feels like, my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Or maybe its a Michael Kors bag.

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Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – Going off in Too Many Directions


Sometimes there is too much going on.

I feel overextended. Scattered. Out of balance. Yet every day I somehow keep things together.

Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – Mad/Mad: Two Takes/Same Face

Two Moods at Once

Today my son was making this weird, scrunched-up face. I asked him what it was.

He said: “See, on once side it is MAD and on the other side it is CRAZY. I’ve seen it on cartoons.”

So, if I can be forgiven for using the “crutch” of “cute things said by cute kids”, I present to you:

Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – Hunger

Today’s icon, and posting, are minimal, to reflect the spareness of hunger itself.

Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – A Cog NOT in the Machine

Are you in or out?

When you have a job, it is easy to feel like a cog in the machine. Sometimes, you just want OUT.

When you are out of work, that machine that seemed so oppressive back when you were spinning away in it seems strangely alluring.

What a strange place to be.

Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – You Make the Call!

Take a look at this one.

Is it:

a) a universal symbol of love and marriage?


b) someone being blindfolded and gagged?

Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – The Identifying Good Hair Day

OK I am making this one quick today.

The opposite of a Universal Bad Hair Day is:

The Identifying Good Hair Day

(c’mon, guess who it is!!!)


It’s Elvis.

Icon of the Day – Iconic Anecdotes – The Universal Bad Hair Day

One night, maybe in the early 90s, I could not sleep.
What did I do?
Well I did what any media-obsessed woman in her mid-20s would do.
I counted Madonna‘s hairdos.
Let’s see, there was the Lucky Star overblown, bleached blond poof and the Papa Don’t Preach Pixie and the definitave Bridge and Tunnel Virgin Mess (before they were doing it) and the Like a Prayer (rare) brunette Italian Film Star locks. Even to this day, it continues going up to her Cowgirl Wave or her My Roots are Showing straight hair chic.
Now the woman has gone way beyond the usual cycles of celebrity, and has come to symbolize th cycles of womanhood itself. I was also thinking that we could visualize her like a Picasso painting. All hairstyles from all times at all angles all at once. Well, since it is an icon, I chose just three hairstyles. But, presented all at once, they start to look not anywhere near as good as one might hope. It becomes, in effect a bad hair day for our lady. Which brings us to today’s icon.