Woman of the Day – Alice Waters

The wonderful chef, restaurateur, and leader o...

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For the last day of October, I want to jump ahead to the holiday season with one great foodie:

 Alice Waters founded her modest little restaurant Chez Panisse right up the street from my middle school. Now she sponsors a program about growing and preparing food for the students of same middle school. She is quite awesome in what she has done for the culinary world, and for what she does for her community.

Oh yeah. She pretty much invented California cuisine.


Flashback Film – The Wild Angels (1966)

Wild Angels ( "We want to be free... Free...

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The Wild Angels is one of Roger Corman‘s best, and it has a terrific soundtrack to boot.

Some might say – for biker film, how could you ignore Easy Rider?


For one, they are riding bikes, but they are not really Bikers.

For another, while Easy Rider has a classic soundtrack, the Wild Angels has a great original soundtrack by Davie Allan and the Arrows that is kind of hotrod-surfer on acid.

This is the prototype for Peter Fonda‘s character in Easy Rider, anyway, and though Easy Rider has Toni Basil, THIS has Nancy Sinatra. Awesome.

Check out the dialogue.

Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Parody

Comedy Friday!


The hippie guy who was protesting the war has sold out to the big cigarette company. Crazy, huh?

Flashback Film – Head (1968)

The Monkees Poster

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What I like so much about The Monkee’s Head is how it is largely a parody of their own show. It has amazing songs (“The Porpoise Song” especially) a cameo by Frank Zappa and what seems like the gags that were too weird or political to go on the air.

Memory Object – Dinner Time

Dinner Time

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Retro Vintage postcard turned screenshot from interactive sound work. Re-appropriation from 1997.

Memory Object – Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

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Saks model in model home. From a 1996 interactive project.

Memory Object – Mod Coat

Mod Coat

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I wish I still had this coat.

Online Pirate Translator | Pirate Monkeyness

A pirate captain relaxes with his crew in a Ho...

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Studio Concrete wishes everyone th’ mighty best Talk Like a Pirate Day.  ‘ave fun responsibly.

Online Pirate Translator | Pirate Monkeyness.

(This link seems to not be working. I suspect they are experiencing a barrage of visitors today)

Flashback Film – The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)

The People vs. Larry Flynt

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The People vs. Larry Flynt was a movie I saw in Washington D.C. For some reason I remember that.

I did like this one. I was surprised how good Courtney Love was. I was not too surprised how good Woody Harelson was. And I was totally un-surprised how well it was directed by Milos Forman.

Flashback Film – Gimme Shelter (1970)

Cover of "The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shel...

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Gimme Shelter

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My mom always tells a story. She was following the news about The Rolling Stones’ concert. It got moved a few times, last minute. The Hells Angels acting as “security” was a last minute thing, too. When she found out they were going to have it at the Altamont Speedway, she had a “bad vibe” that something awful was going to happen. Well…

On another note, I once had this idea for “Its Helter Skelter, Charlie Brown” where Woodstock would be a crow named Altamont.

Oh, and this happened in the town I was born in.

Jus’ stuff.