Memory Objects

Spanish Sunset

Spanish Sunset by Studio C.
Spanish Sunset, a photo by Studio C. on Flickr.



Beach Blanket Armageddon

VideoWest was a great “punk influenced” video production company/television show based in San Francisco in the late 70s and early 80s. A lot of the VideoWest people moved on to MTV. I briefly did some volunteer work for them when I was in high school (answering phones, mostly). I have been waiting to see this episode-length video for ages.

So, presented in full, Special Edition Director’s Cut, from 1980, Written & Produced by Erik Nelson, Directed by Joe Dea.

“Infrared” Panorama

“Infrared” Panorama.

Its not really infrared.

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Skirt Detail for Victorian Ballgown



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Kind of silly but I love it.

Memory Object – Small Faces – Lazy Sunday

There is a long story around Small Faces and my family. Well, maybe not that long. My dad briefly had film rights to their concept album, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, though the film never got made, and deals like this then were not like deals today. Deals back then could virtually be written on the back of an origami bird with absolutely no lawyers involved. Or something. But there was a letter floating around that had been signed by Andrew Loog Oldham. Or so I have heard…

This song fills me with childhood memories but does not make me feel sad. Funny, that. I didn’t see this promo film until years later.

Memory Object – Dot Cat

Dot Cat

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Meet Buzz. The lady I got Buzz from (Buzz was a girl) named her Mooncat. Since Buzz Aldren was my favorite astronaut, and since Mooncat seemed too dippy, it seemed fitting. I edited this in Photoshop years later.

Memory Object – House


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Memory Object – Cowbear


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I like Cowbear.

Memory Object – Ezra Rabbit