Mission Statement

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Studio Concrete offers design solutions, with three main areas of specialty:

  • Corporate branding: including icon/logo design, package design, website design and website maintenance.
  • Technical/educational materials design: including photography, illustration and educational product design.
  • Conceptually-driven independent art/design works.

This triad has developed organically from my nearly 20 years of experience as an artist and design professional.

Studio Concrete Modus Operandi

I really do not like lofty declaratives, fuzzy, ambiguous slogans or abstract promises.

What I do like is to reveal the rules that I work by.

My rules are:

1. To approach a client with what I can do and plan to deliver.

2. To create design solutions that work, in both form and function.

3. To honor function before form.

4. To also honor form.

5. To design for the client, from my place of experience.

6. To design for the client, for what they can do and plan to deliver.

7. To keep the client in the loop, while creating clear parameters for the design process.

Also, all things are negotiable with a slice of your family’s favorite homemade pie.

Projects and Clients I am Dreaming About

Call it my “Wish List”.

1. Educational games for children and adults on the autism spectrum and with other neurological disorders, and/or for people who are primarily visual learners and concrete thinkers.

2. Collaborations with cookbook, travel, textbook, arts and children’s book writers.

3. Working with companies that provide products and services for families working with disabilities.

4. Art outreach for primary and secondary school students.

5. Evolving mastery of logo and icon design.

6. Forming collaborations in furniture design and other industrial design.

7. Ongoing negotiation between commercial and gallery worlds.



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