Woman of the Day – Frances E. Allen

Frances Elizabeth “Fran” Allen is a computer scientist, the first woman to win the Turing award, the first woman to become an IBM fellow, plus the IMB Ph.D. Fellowship Award was created to honor her. She has done a great deal of groundbreaking work in the area of compilers.

Fran Allen from WikiCommons

Fran Allen from WikiCommons


Flashback Film – The Incredibly Strange Creatures… (1964)

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped L...

Image via Wikipedia


The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? – @Wikipedia


This was featured heavily in the Psychotronic Film guide as well as being featured in and lending its title to the Re/Search Books publication, Incredibly Strange Films. I once saw Jello Biafra and Boyd Rice do a in-house performance to this at the Castro Theater in San Francisco.

Woman of the Day – Ann-Margaret

Ann Margret

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Ann-Margret apparently rides a Harley to start her shows. She was in some cheesy movies, but some good ones too.

Official website


Ann-Margaret from houseofmirthandmovies.wordpress.com

Ann-Margaret from houseofmirthandmovies.wordpress.com


Ann-Margrock from wikivisual.com

Ann-Margrock from wikivisual.com


Ann-Margaret from nydailynews.com

Ann-Margaret from nydailynews.com

Not so cool. I love both of these women. What were the people at TVG thinking?

Ann-Margaret / Oprah morph on TV Guide from CNET.com

Ann-Margaret / Oprah morph on TV Guide from CNET.co


Ann-Margaret from makli.com

Ann-Margaret from makli.com

Woman of the Day – Mary Harron

Mary Harron has taken on film projects that seem not typically “feminine” – and for that I applaud her. American Psycho is one of the funniest movies made about a serial killer. I do not think it would be half as funny if directed by a man. I Shot Andy Warhol is also one to check out. A couple of brave projects that could have gone very bad in the wrong hands.

Mary Harron at www.ica.org.uk

Mary Harron at http://www.ica.org.uk

Flashback Film – Fight Club (1999)

Cover of "Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector'...

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SciFi Saturday!

I didn’t see Fight Club for a few years after it came out. I have this uneasy filmgoer relationship with Brad Pitt. When he is good he is quite good, but sometimes the projects he gets involved with are so meh. Brad in Tibet? Brad as Death? Yeah, I got this one mixed up with Meet Joe Black (which came out the previous year) and dismissed it as another pretty boy vehicle. Well I was so wrong on this one. I will not give any spoilers. Just see it if you have not. See it again if you have. I always notice extra details with each viewing.

Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Parody

Comedy Friday!


The hippie guy who was protesting the war has sold out to the big cigarette company. Crazy, huh?

Thought Bubble – A Big Mess o’ Thin’s “Pirate”


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“You are a Pirate” (Lazy Town)

“A Professional Pirate” (Muppet Treasure Island)

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum” (Two Monkeys cover with BluePaintedChair video)

“The Pirate Song” (George Harrison as “Pirate Bob”. Again, he was SO cool)

“I’m  a Pirate” (a Talk Like a Pirate Day original)

Online Pirate Translator | Pirate Monkeyness

A pirate captain relaxes with his crew in a Ho...

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Studio Concrete wishes everyone th’ mighty best Talk Like a Pirate Day.  ‘ave fun responsibly.

Online Pirate Translator | Pirate Monkeyness.

(This link seems to not be working. I suspect they are experiencing a barrage of visitors today)

Wench of yonder Day – Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen

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Nina Hagen was born in East Germany in 1955. She has an amazing history.

Sometimes I really don’t want to paraphrase what is already so well-written on other sites. Just take a look at these videos…

(mit Automobil)

Woman of the Day – Penelope Spheeris

Penelope Spheeris from mbouffant.blogspot.com

Penelope Spheeris from mbouffant.blogspot.com

Penelope Spheeris. She directed the Decline of Western Civilization trilogy and Wayne’s World, and produced a lot of Albert Brooks‘ early shorts, produced Brooks’ Real Life… Another underrated woman in Hollywood, what else is new?