No Way Did This Just Come Out Reviews

Star Trek Into Darkness

I love Star Trek, but I was always a Trekker-by-proxy. There was no way I could amass the same series knowledge as my older brother, so I didn’t even try. One thing thing that probably made me an oddball was that my favorite episode was “The Menagerie”. Yep, the episode where they repurposed the original pilot, “The Cage” along with a now Stephen Hawking-like Captain Christopher Pike, so that it made some kind of canonical sense.

Well behold, here is Pike, though, spoiler (like you care) he doesn’t last long in this “reboot”. (Personally, I like repurposing more than rebooting).

Of course, this was way too much like a Star Wars movie, but not in a good way: in an “I was waiting for Jar Jar Binks to show up” way. Yes, Star Wars: I’m talking to you: pretty much the whole prequel, where it felt like watching an intergalactic CSPAN along with the world’s most petulant high school student/Jedi Knight. I realize this comparison to the “other ‘Star’ franchise” has pretty much all been covered, so I won’t re-work old ground.

Spock was good, though. RoboCop was good (as always). Sherlock was good (as always). Good little subtle homage to Ricardo Montalbán in the get up he was wearing on Kronos. I liked Harold, though seeing that George Takei is, like, my Favorite Celebrity Ever, he has a tough act to follow. Edit: no one can fill in for Nichelle Nichols. No point in wringing hands over it. Scotty was good: I’d call him “Shaun” but I actually haven’t seen that (yeah, I know).

Final tally
Scotty’s reaction to his uniform change: yes.
Uhura+Spock: no.
Market St with hover cars: yes.
Long drawn out gun battle with Klingons: no.

Now let’s go watch the one about saving the whales.


So I watched Django Unchained this afternoon…

Spoilers ahead



I want to say I was massively impressed, but I wasn’t really. QT stopped doing work that engaged me ten years ago. There are definitely some good moments and I enjoyed the casting. (Yeah, it was fun to see Jonah Hill as an incompetent KKK member, or my favorite “what the hell ever happened to that guy” actor, Dennis Christopher, as an obsequious lawyer). But, yeah, another B Movie homage revenge fantasy by Quentin T. Little was surprising. I had a few “what’s going on” moments in the first 15 minutes, then I said, “oh yeah, that’s going on.” By two thirds of the way through, I almost wanted to give up. I did finish it, but I felt no different at the end than I did at the beginning.

Maybe next time Q. And don’t try to do an Australian accent. Please.