So I watched Django Unchained this afternoon…

Spoilers ahead



I want to say I was massively impressed, but I wasn’t really. QT stopped doing work that engaged me ten years ago. There are definitely some good moments and I enjoyed the casting. (Yeah, it was fun to see Jonah Hill as an incompetent KKK member, or my favorite “what the hell ever happened to that guy” actor, Dennis Christopher, as an obsequious lawyer). But, yeah, another B Movie homage revenge fantasy by Quentin T. Little was surprising. I had a few “what’s going on” moments in the first 15 minutes, then I said, “oh yeah, that’s going on.” By two thirds of the way through, I almost wanted to give up. I did finish it, but I felt no different at the end than I did at the beginning.

Maybe next time Q. And don’t try to do an Australian accent. Please.


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