Pie of the Month

Pie of the Month – Pumpkin Pie from Green Romantic Chicago – @JacqueeT

Mmm. Pumpkin Pie.

From A Romantic Perspective blog, @JacqueeT (a lovely blog)



Pie of the Month – Plum Custard Pie with Almond Crust « @bakingbites Baking Bites

Plums with some glaucous coating visible

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Plum Custard Pie with Almond Crust « Baking Bites.

This is a great recipe for those later-season plums you see so much right now. I agree with the author that you don’t see enough plum baked goods.

Pie of the Month – @fourchickens: Cherry Pie, Gluten-Free

A pair of cherries from the same stalk. Prunus...

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Four Chickens: Cherry Pie, Gluten-Free.

Pie of the Month will be posted on the first day (or two) of the month, and will feature a great pie recipe from the past month or two.

Four Chickens is great cooking blog with a gluten-free focus.

Cherries may be going out of season, but if you can’t find them in your area, keep this one on file.