Flashback Films – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

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Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970).


Icon of the Day – Style-o-Rama – Photographic Realism

New series: Style-o-Rama. Art and Design styles through the ages.

OK – I promise this is the only time I will include a raster graphic in Icon of the Day. But the reason is that I want to explain my next series in terms of the subject matter.

This is my doggie. She will be the subject of each icon for as long as I do the series. I want you to see HER first. In that interest, starting with Photographic Realism:

Photographic Realism

Flashback Film – Daughters of Darkness (1971)

Cover of "Daughters of Darkness"

Cover of Daughters of Darkness

This is a weird. culty, erotic vampire thriller, in that slightly sleazy eurotrash tradition.

Daughters of Darkness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Thought Bubble – Picassa Webalbum Integrator (PWI)

Picassa Webalbum Integrator (PWI).

Memory Object – Ezra Rabbit

Memory Object – Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Originally uploaded by Logo Girl

Retro Vintage postcard turned screenshot from interactive sound work. Re-appropriation from 1997.

Memory Object – Mod Coat

Mod Coat

Originally uploaded by Logo Girl

I wish I still had this coat.

Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – The ‘Hood

The "Hood

I got stuck on this one. So I thought, what “says” The ‘Hood?



Trash cans.

Oscar the Grouch.

Things being black and white.

Flashback Film –  Wings of Desire (1987)

Cover of "Wings of Desire (Special Editio...

Cover of Wings of Desire (Special Edition)

I am not sure if my distaste for romances is because I am so much NOT a romantic person, or because I very much AM a romantic person but think most romantic movies are just lame and insipid.

This one, however, is really gorgeous. It was remade as another meh bleh yeah I told you I don’t like romances with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. Hey, I just realized, I have seen them both on separate movie sets. I was in The Doors and was walking around the Upper West Side in the spring of 2000,  when they were spraying a bunch of fake snow in front of a ritzy apartment building. Nicholas Cage was getting shoved out by a doorman for The Family Man.

But I digress. Check out Wings of Desire.

Pie of the Month – @fourchickens: Cherry Pie, Gluten-Free

A pair of cherries from the same stalk. Prunus...

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Four Chickens: Cherry Pie, Gluten-Free.

Pie of the Month will be posted on the first day (or two) of the month, and will feature a great pie recipe from the past month or two.

Four Chickens is great cooking blog with a gluten-free focus.

Cherries may be going out of season, but if you can’t find them in your area, keep this one on file.