Beach Blanket Armageddon

VideoWest was a great “punk influenced” video production company/television show based in San Francisco in the late 70s and early 80s. A lot of the VideoWest people moved on to MTV. I briefly did some volunteer work for them when I was in high school (answering phones, mostly). I have been waiting to see this episode-length video for ages.

So, presented in full, Special Edition Director’s Cut, from 1980, Written & Produced by Erik Nelson, Directed by Joe Dea.


Flashback Film – Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Little Shop of Horrors (film)

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Little Shop of Horrors

Flashback Film – Strange Behavior (1981)

This sequence. Just amazing.

I have been looking for it for years. I kept searching for “lou christie lightning slasher costume party 1981″  Finally found it. Yay. It was a “cut” above the typical product in the insane onslaught of early 80s slasher films.

Strange Behavior – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Thought Bubble – Joe Dea’s YouTube Channel

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Joe Dea was a music video director back before that was actually a job description. I don’t think I ever met him but I knew him tangentially through my VERY brief volunteer work at the late 70s/early 80s groundbreaking television newsmagazine/video production company VideoWest. Founded by Fabrice Florin (whom dad knew somehow) and staffed by a bunch of people who went on to work for MTV. Joe Dea made some of the best comedy sketches and also some of the best music videos. Joe Dea has a YouTube channel, now, and a lot of the old VideoWest segments are posted there. (I don’t know why this show is not better documented, overall.) What I do recall about the show is that each week had a theme like “sex” or “death” or “politics“. The show was also very aware of the video art scene. I think they would broadcast documentation from the then-still-active Ant Farm, for example.

And, Joe, if you read this, I would love to see “Beach Blanket Armageddon” again, if it still exists.



My friend Nasher shared his blog with me. It documents the making of one of his films in Bath, UK in the 70s. Great documentation, engaging to read.

Flashback Film – Time Bandits (1981)

Time Bandits

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Time Bandits (1981).

Terry Gilliam. Time travel. Pure evil.

Very good.

Woman of the Day – Carol Burnett

Miss Starlet

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In honor of Comedy Friday…

I love Carol Burnett.

Here she is interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres. There is a clip from one of my favorite sketches.

Check it out – Carol presents a “Carol” Barbie (designed by Bob Mackie) to Ellen. (Oh, and please be patient with having to go to YouTube to watch this – it is worth it!)