Little Orphan Orange is the New Black



Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Parody

Comedy Friday!


The hippie guy who was protesting the war has sold out to the big cigarette company. Crazy, huh?

Woman of the Day – Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman at the Tribeca Film Festival

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Sarah Silverman is hilarious, offensive and does not try to pretend to be otherwise. She would probably hate that I included her in this list. She would probably hate this list. She would probably hate me. I say, you go, girl.

Flashback Film – Head (1968)

The Monkees Poster

Image by Photon™ via Flickr

What I like so much about The Monkee’s Head is how it is largely a parody of their own show. It has amazing songs (“The Porpoise Song” especially) a cameo by Frank Zappa and what seems like the gags that were too weird or political to go on the air.

Comedy Short Friday – Ricky Gervais – Comic Relief