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Flashback Film – Time Bandits (1981)

Time Bandits

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Time Bandits (1981).

Terry Gilliam. Time travel. Pure evil.

Very good.


Flashback Film – All You Need Is Cash (1978)

Cover of "Special Edition: The Rutles - A...

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This is so funny. All the songs, by Neil Innes, are these inverted Beatles melodies. Best part is George Harrison, who wins the For Sure the Coolest Beatle title for appearing in this, and making fun of himself and AppleCorp.

The Rutles: All You Need is Cash on IMDb and at Wikipedia

Flashback Film – A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Cover of "A Fish Called Wanda (Deluxe Edi...

Cover of A Fish Called Wanda (Deluxe Edition)


This one is so funny. I never get tired of it.

A Fish Called Wanda on IMDb and Wikipedia

Great line. Great script by John Cleese and Charles Chichton.