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Woman of the Day – Caroline Leaf

leafWoman of the Day is back after a one-year hiatus! Apologies for the long break.

Caroline Leaf (born 1946 in Seattle, WA) is a remarkable animator, illustrator and painter, with a career spanning five decades. Educated at Harvard, where she made her first animated film, she later moved to Canada, where she became a solid presence at the National Film Board of Canada in th 1980s. She also spent some time working on documentary film in the 1990s.

Her website is worth checking out – it is a resource for her process as well as where one can obtain copies of her animation DVDs.


Flashback Film – A Great Day in Harlem (1994)

JAZZ: "A Great Day In Harlem" Brownstone

Image by Professor Bop via Flickr

A Great Day in Harlem (1994).

A Great Day in Harlem takes a look at the amazing photograph by Art Kane.

(Pictured to the right is not the photograph. But it is the brownstone. I think.)

A fascinating documentary film about the one day all the jazz musicians in New York City got up early on a Sunday morning to have their picture taken.

Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Rockumentary


I am not sure when the term “Rocumentary” was used. It definitely precursed “Mockumentary”, but came way after “Documentary“. It always seems like they have a lot of shots of blinding spotlights, always on grainy stock. At least before the 90s.