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Woman of the Day – Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman at the Tribeca Film Festival

Image via Wikipedia

Sarah Silverman is hilarious, offensive and does not try to pretend to be otherwise. She would probably hate that I included her in this list. She would probably hate this list. She would probably hate me. I say, you go, girl.

Flashback Film – Head (1968)

The Monkees Poster

Image by Photon™ via Flickr

What I like so much about The Monkee’s Head is how it is largely a parody of their own show. It has amazing songs (“The Porpoise Song” especially) a cameo by Frank Zappa and what seems like the gags that were too weird or political to go on the air.

Comedy Short Friday – Ricky Gervais – Comic Relief

Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Slapstick


Pretty literal. Almost as bad as Legal Drama. There was a theatrical device like this that the name “slapstick” is derived from.

Woman of the Day – Carol Burnett

Miss Starlet

Image by via Flickr

In honor of Comedy Friday…

I love Carol Burnett.

Here she is interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres. There is a clip from one of my favorite sketches.

Check it out – Carol presents a “Carol” Barbie (designed by Bob Mackie) to Ellen. (Oh, and please be patient with having to go to YouTube to watch this – it is worth it!)

Memory Object – KGO News in the 70s

My parents always watched Channel 7 KGO News back in the 70s.

This one seems like the inspiration for the “showdown” scene in Anchorman.

Flashback Film – Stranger Than Paradise (1984)

Cover of "Stranger Than Paradise - Criter...

Cover via Amazon

What I remember about this movie is that the first time I saw it, it was with a bunch of slacker guys who drank a lot of beer and didn’t do much of anything. It was like the movie was life and the life was the movie.

Stranger Than Paradise on IMDb and Wikipedia.

My favorite thing about this movie is how no matter where these buddies go: Brooklyn, Cleveland or Florida, it is all the same.

My favorite bit of dialogue.

Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Comedy


As in: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”
Mel Brooks, The 2,000 Year Old Man (1961).

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