Thought Bubble – Raising Children with Autism –

Raising Children with Autism –

This article by Cintra Wilson is worth its own post. Please please read.


Woman of the Day – Cintra Wilson

Cintra Wilson.

Cintra Wilson from

Cintra Wilson from

Anyone who gets Rush Limbaugh mad, in my book, is doing something right.

Anyone who writes this article about raising kids with autism for O magazine is doing something right.

I remember her from late 80s San Francisco when she was a young playwright. One of her standout works was a play based on the life of Fatty Arbuckle. (Who was amazingly funny in case you have never seen his work. But I digress.)

I am aware that this pick will not put me in good standing with JC Penney, but I will have to take my chances.

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Woman of the Day – Temple Grandin

I am starting a new feature – Woman of the Day.

In a quick look around Twitter, through Google searches… I have not been able to find a Woman of the Day feature (well Maxim has one, and so does some Russian mail order bride company, but those are not exactly what I am talking about.)

Temple Grandin from the Huffington Post

Today’s woman of the Day is Temple Grandin. Autism advocate, groundbreaking livestock handling facilities designer, Doctor of Animal Science, professor at Colorado State University, so much more.

Last night the amazing HBO movie about her life won for Dramatic Actress in TV Movie or Miniseries (Clare Danes), Supporting Actress (Julia Ormond), Supporting Actor (David Straithairn), Director (Mick Jackson) and for Made for TV Movie. Well deserved. Everyone should see this. Also, it was Dr. Grandin’s birthday, as the winning team announced. It just seems a perfect moment to name Temple Grandin our very first “Woman of the Day”.

Entertainment Weekly’s story.