Criterion Collection Project

So my New Year’s resolution is to watch three movies from the Criterion Collection (free with Hulu Plus subscription!) every week, and write at least three paragraphs about each one.


I’m actually going to make it public in order to force myself to actually do the writing, and not just pretend to do the writing.

I decided to pick them semi randomly. First up is Beware of a Holy Whore, by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In the interest of “random”, I went to a random letter generator, asked letter generator to pick two letters, it picked WH, so I just picked the first movie that had “WH” in it. I’m actually embarrassed to admit that the only Fassbinder film that I’ve actually seen all the way through is Lilli Marlene, which I saw back in high school and thought was terrible. (I saw a little bit of it yesterday, and, no, I wasn’t just some unappreciative little fool: it still looks terrible.)

I am about halfway through: it took me a while to settle into the languid, early 70s pacing. Will be back later with thoughts.


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