Flashback Film – Carrie (1976)

Cover of "Carrie (Special Edition)"

Cover of Carrie (Special Edition)

Carrie (1976).

I saw this when I was 13. It had gone from first run feature to second feature on a double bill. It was playing with the rather forgettable Audrey Rose. I really wanted to see Carrie, but it was rated R, so I convinced my mom to take my friend and I to the show because Audrey Rose was directed by a family friend. I kept thinking through the whole thing “this isn’t so scary”, “it is more sad and tragic but kind of funny, too”. Ha ha ha. I had nightmares about that ending for years. The movie is an extreme downer, as it basically posits that being a girl or a woman is pure, inescapable Hell, regardless of whether you are the Queen Bee, the Wannabe or the Total Outcast, and regardless of whether you are a teen or an adult.

My mom never forgave me for dragging her to this movie: she found it highly disturbed and disturbing.

I still think this Brian De Palma classic is the best Stephen King adaptation ever done.


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