Concrete List – Upcoming Daily Themes


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SciFi Saturday – Saturday, September 18: Apocalyptic Thriller

Sunday, September 19: High Seas Adventure (in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arr!)

Monday, September 20: Myths and Legends

Tuesday, September 21: Wise Child

Midweek Music – Wednesday, September 22: Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy

Thursday, September 23: Outlaws

Comedy Friday – Friday, September 24: Parody

SciFi Saturday – Saturday, September 25: Dystopia

Sunday, September 26: Utopia

Monday, September 27: Cute Animal Picture

Tuesday, September 28: Psycho Hero

Midweek Music – Wednesday, September 29 Beach Party Movie

Thursday, September 30: Biker

October is Gothic/Horror Month

Friday, October 1: Reincarnation

Saturday, October 2: Slasher Movie

Sunday, October 3: Gothic Thriller

Monday, October 4: Scary Animal Picture

Tuesday, October 5: Psychic Powers

Wednesday, October 6: Haunted House

Thursday, October 7: Vampire

Friday, October 8: Zombie

Saturday, October 9: Horror Comedy

Sunday, October 10: Good Twin Evil Twin

Monday, October 11: Mad Scientist

Tuesday, October 12: Mind Control

Wednesday, October 13: Big Monster Movie

Thursday, October 14: Witchcraft

Friday, October 15: Expressionist Horror

Saturday, October 16: Cold War Hysteria Horror

Sunday, October 17: Werewolves

Monday, October 18: Scary Doll

Tuesday, October 19: Carnival

Wednesday, October 20: Suburban Horror

Thursday, October 21: Shocker

Friday, October 22: Surrealistic Horror

Saturday, October 23: Revenge Film

Sunday, October 24: Evil Child

Monday, October 25: Closet Killer

Tuesday, October 26: Haunted Technology

Wednesday, October 27: Occult

Thursday, October 28: Alien Invasion

Friday, October 29: Stalker

Saturday, October 30: Gore/Splatter

Sunday, October 31: Horror Musical

Themes subject to change.


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