Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Rock Opera

Rock Opera

What do rock operas have in common? Well, whether it is Nora Walker rolling in baked beans as her son becomes Jesus, Pink watching endless reruns as he becomes Hitler, or  Swan (the Devil incarnate), running the cheesiest record label offices ever seen as he plots to buy souls, we can find a pattern: in rock opera, the most profound hopes and fears of our culture intersect with the crassest, most consumer-driven product. In fact, perhaps they are the (gasp) SAME?

So, yes, a flying hamburger.



  1. Well, your explanation laid it out clearly… on its own, a flying hamburger looks like a cousin of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – I sense a mythology and merchandising to come…

    Also on your rock operas – there’s LIZSTOMANIA, which has Roger Daltrey as Lizst – the ‘rock star’ of his day; and features Richard Wagner, reborn as Frankenstein Hitler, with a machine gun guitar.

    Good times…


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