Woman of the Day – Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.

Image via Wikipedia

Today’s Woman of the Day is Michelle Obama.

On a note kind of unrelated why I chose her (she is so smart and beautiful inside and out, fashionable, witty and super likable), she is the first First Lady who is younger than me (OK, by only a few weeks). This is kind of interesting. Not only is Obama the first Black president, and his wife the first Black First Lady, but they are the first “end boomers” in the White House. End Boomers? The people born at the end of the baby boom, which is early to mid 60s. Pretty much anyone born in the time period Mad Men is set would be end boomers. Did I make this term up? Yes, yes I did. Unless someone else is using it. Grr. I wanna make up a term.

First Lady Michelle Obama


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