Icon of the Day – Genre of the Day – Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism

You know in those movies with the earnest reporter trying to uncover “the truth”, the reporter always has “that wall”. You know the wall. It is a bulletin board covered with photos, items torn out of magazines, stray bits of map, things some guy scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Perhaps it will all come together and reveal meaning. Perhaps it will all be for naught. He is determined to find a cooperative corporate whistle-blower, a fed-up ex or maybe just a person in the auditorium that saw something weird. For sure, he could use an editor who doesn’t think he is crazy or stuck in the 60’s. He is kind of like a police detective, except he has to sweet talk, bribe or even use the fact that he once had a sordid affair with some guy’s wife for clues, and his aforementioned editor sure won’t help. It is pale green because these guys always have desks under the worst fluorescent lighting.

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