Woman of the Day – @yokoono (Yoko Ono)

Yoko Ono on Wikipedia Commons

Yoko Ono, love her or love to be not-so-fond of her, is a major philanthropist and activist. She is notable for doing a very un-celebrity-like thing in following most all of her followers on Twitter (publicity stunt, perhaps, but it still feels pretty cool to see her name on your “Followers” list).

One thing that often gets ignored is that she has always been a strong artist in her own right. Her association with John Cage is notable, and that she rose as an independent, woman artist in a period of hyper-chauvinism is cause for celebration.

I am not too concerned with the personal dramas involving Yoko and others associated with The Beatles. It seems boring and trite. I prefer to the good things she has done and continues to do. She has a great spirit, managed to raise a pretty cool son in the midst of tragedy, and stays active as she nears 80.

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