Memory Object – Polka Dot Dress and More


PHOTO CREDIT: L. Rob Hubbard. Thanks, L Rob!

Summer, 1991, San Francisco. I am in the Downey Street apartment wearing the polka dot dress that I literally found near the tram stop near where I was staying in Zurich, Switzerland earlier that year. Usually I don’t put “people” pictures on here, but in this case it is both the object of the found dress of mine and the Polaroid photo by L. Rob Hubbard’s. There is a bunch of weird crap in the kitchen that I have not identified yet. The whole picture could potentially stand in as a history of the years on Downey Street. I can say there is a “Flaming Cabbage” from Betty Crocker’s 1959 cookbook. It is the pale green satellite-looking dish next to me on the counter. (Peter made this.) AND the Betty Crocker cookbook is right above the Flaming Cabbage – it is the book with a pink spine. I actually have my own copies of this and the classic Better Homes and Gardens “Red Checks” cookbook, also visible. GREAT cookbooks, especially for pies and cookies. But I digress.

Anyway… I hope Betty Crocker does not take legal action…

Flaming Cabbage
An exciting, spectacular feature at a cocktail party in Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hindley’s charming home, Oakland, CA
Clean a large cabbage.
Curl outer leaves back from top.
Cut out center, hollow it out about 6″ deep.
Place a sterno lamp in the cavity (lamp hidden, but flame should come almost to top of cabbage).
Place cabbage on a serving plate.
Surround with a frill of parsley.
Thrust wooden picks through cocktail sausages, and stick into the cabbage.
Stick an olive onto end of each (to protect fingers from flame).
Guests broil their own sausages


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